Friday, April 11, 2014

Interview on Fundraising and Alumni Relations at Lääkärilehti

Fundraising and alumni relations raise interest in Finland. The Finnish professional magazine Lääkärilehti - targeted for medical doctors - published an article today, April 11th, in which I was interviewed, as well. This time the emphasis was on alumni relations at the different Faculties of Medicine in Finland.

Read the entire article as a PDF file here. This is unfortunately only in Finnish.

Altogether this was the fourth media interview since I started my job as Development Specialist at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Medicine. Previously I have given interviews to Keski-Uusimaa, Mediuutiset and the MTV3 News Channel. Full of ideas and energy. So glad that the discussion is heating up in Finland on these topic areas.

Now this Development Specialist is off to a 28-kilometer (17.4-mile) run. This should give me new energy for the upcoming week.

Relaxing weekend, folks!

The photo at the Lääkärilehti article. © Sami Perttilä.

It's ok to be more relaxed in alumni relations, once a while;) © Ari Mäkelä