Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Website and Blog

One dream has come true. I have finally published my own website at I have also other good news: I have started blogging also in English. The title of my blog is Arts, Science & Money. It can be viewed at

In this blog, I will write about arts, science and money. Fundraising and financial aspects will be at the core. I will also write about concerts and arts exhibitions that I have visited. Not to forget events in the field of higher education and science.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and join as a follower. I hope to raise a lot of discussion so, please, feel free to share your views and comments.


Thank You to the Wizzards Creating My Website

I could not be more thankful for having my own website at I am highly thankful to the graphic designer Maaret Borg, who created the visual layout and acted as the main architect for this website. Thank you also to my husband Ari Mäkelä, who let me use his amazing New York pictures in this blog. Ari has helped in many other ways in creating this website, as well. Natalia Baer has taken my portraits - thank you!

Let us begin our journey of fundraising in the fields of arts and science. Please share this website address to anyone, you think might be interested.